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To become a full member of the BVC each applicant must follow a robust application procedure.

  1. Fill in the membership form
  2. You will then asked to fill in the BVC membership application document
  3. Upon acceptance and payment you will become a MEMBER of the BVC
  4. To become a full member you will require to have personnel accredited under the CL:AIRE Gas Protection Verification Accreditation Scheme (GPVS)
    1. The company must hold one specialist gas protection verification (SGPV) accredited verifier
    2. The other verifiers must be at least technician level under the CL:AIRE GPVS (TGPV) (the link is below)
  5. The other route to be a full member is the NVQ 4 in ground gas verification
    1. [email protected]

Type Of Membership

Access to website, logo, meetings and training

Access to meetings and trainings

Open to companies and individuals who do not directly conflict with verification For Example:

  • Local authorities
  • Geotechnical companies
  • Contractors

To request a British Verification Council membership application form please complete the form below. 

Membership Form

The benefits of becoming a member of the BVC include access to training, the latest industry news and a platform to demonstrate validation competence.

In addition to this, it will also give you the opportunity to have your voice heard and the chance to influence policy and codes of practice.

For all enquires, please email [email protected].